Email tapping by ISPs, forwarder addresses, and crypto proxies

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On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 10:28:01AM -0400, Tyler Durden wrote:

> Well, I don't actually believe it's all recorded. As I've attempted to
> explain previously, "they" almost certainly have risk models in place. When
> several variables twinkle enough (eg, origination area, IP address,
> presence of crypto...) some rule fires and then diverts a copy into the
> WASP'S Nest. There's probably some kind of key word search that either
> diverts the copy into storage or into the short list for an analyst to peek
> it.

How much plain text can ~10^9 online monkeys daily enter into their keyboard?
A ~10^3 average ballpark gives you a TByte/day (minus the redundancy), which
is currently a 1U worth of SATA RAID/day, or 3 years worth of world's entire
in a 10^3 node cluster, which is on the low side these days.
Hard drive storage density goes up exponentially, and probably
faster than people can go online (the old world has saturated) -- it isn't a
problem, given that population increase doesn't occur at these growth rates.
You don't have to delete anything, ever.

Given what Google manages with some 10^4..10^5 nodes, this problem set looks
puny in
comparison. Keeping the data on a cluster gives you the local crunch to do
some very nontrivial data mining, especially if you narrow the scope down
sufficiently to be able to lock the data in memory and crunch it there.

Fax OCR/telex is just as easy, speech recognition doable, given the budget.

We don't know whether they are actually doing it (I *think* these people are
too conservative to be doing clusters right now, so they're probably doing
storage hierarchies with tape libraries -- but then they as well could be MIB
types years ahead of the mainstream), the point it is that they
could, given the documented amount of hired talent and official budget.

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