Email tapping by ISPs, forwarder addresses, and crypto proxies

Steve Schear s.schear at
Wed Jul 7 12:11:41 PDT 2004

At 07:28 AM 7/7/2004, Tyler Durden wrote:

>"If you think the cable landings in Va/Md are coincidental, you are
>smoking something I've run out of.  Its all recorded.  I'm sure the
>archiving and database groups in Ft. Meade will get a chuckle out of your
>"the right to" idioms."
>Well, I don't actually believe it's all recorded. As I've attempted to 
>explain previously, "they" almost certainly have risk models in place. 
>When several variables twinkle enough (eg, origination area, IP address, 
>presence of crypto...) some rule fires and then diverts a copy into the 
>WASP'S Nest. There's probably some kind of key word search that either 
>diverts the copy into storage or into the short list for an analyst to peek it.

Perhaps, but at a Bay Area meeting a few years back held to discuss 
NSA/SIGINT, I think it was held on the Stanford campus, a developer 
disclosed that an American contractor manufacturer had won a contract to 
install 250,000 high-capacity disk drives at one of these agenicies.


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