UBL is George Washington

Anonymous nobody at paranoici.org
Mon Jul 5 12:32:16 PDT 2004

Major Variola (ret) writes:
> The yanks did not wear regular uniforms and did not march in
> rows in open fields like Gentlemen.  Asymmetric warfare means not
> playing by
> *their* rules.

But asymm warfare has to accomplish its goal.  It's not being very
successful.  The only people who are siding with al-qaeda are those whose
brains are already mush -statist socialists, to be precise.  If al qaeda
bombed government buildings or targetted the private residences or offices
of government officials, they might get more sympathy, from me at least.
Destroying an pair of buildings and killing thousands of citizens -most of
whom couldn't give an accurate account of U.S. forces distribution in the
MidEast- is not a step forward.

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