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Joseph Lorenzo Hall jhall at SIMS.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Jul 5 04:43:05 PDT 2004

Hi Declan, Dave (for IP, if you wish),

Being one of the many of your pesky readers that spends a good deal of
time in a news aggregator and likes syndicated news (RSS, ATOM, etc.),
I've bugged you both before about setting up something with RSS.

(Declan finally caved and is using some sort of blog software with RSS
and ATOM feeds: )

As for building a feed of Dave's IP list, I finally had to take
matters into my own hands and hire a mercenary.  I got Carlo Zottmann
to build an RSS feed for Dave's Interesting People List... here's the
RSS feed:

A special feature that Carlo included was the ability to add
'?date=YYYYMM' (ex: 200407) to the end of the script to access the
archive for a previous month. When no date is given, the script
defaults to the current month.

Further, Carlo will scrape any site that you wished had syndication
for $2 (If you like the IP syndication and would like to make a
donation to Carlo's efforts, let me know):

(via Boing Boing originally)

I also asked him to syndicate the Drudge Report for fun (which
appeared to be a major pain in the ass considering it seems to be


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