Tyler's Education

Thomas Shaddack shaddack at ns.arachne.cz
Sat Jul 3 19:35:59 PDT 2004

On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, Major Variola (ret) wrote:

> And digital edges are sharp, in the Ghz even when the "clock" is in the
> Mhz.

How much do the "spread spectrum clock" feature on the modern motherboards 
help here?

> And boxes need ventilation slots.

Not necessarily. There are other ways of heat transfer. A good way could 
be water cooling for transport of the heat from the CPU and other parts to 
a massive metal heatsink that's the part of the case, with an optional fan 
on its outside. Voila, water cooling is not only for case mod freakz 

> Any questions?

I expect much bigger problem in the attached cables and connectors. How to 
solve this?

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