China Will Monitor, Censor SMS Messages

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Posted by: timothy, on 2004-07-03 06:44:00
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   from the enlightenment-by-fiat dept.
   maggeth writes "Early reports on the AP (via Yahoo) indicate that
   [1]China will begin monitoring and censoring SMS communications in
   real time. China's 'great firewall' is infamous, but the move to
   censoring SMS has been slow due to technological roadblocks.
   Algorithms are used to identify key words and combinations of words
   that might be associated with 'political rumors and "reactionary
   remarks,"' and the system automatically notifies local police.
   Something to think about on your Fourth of July weekend!" Reader
   ackthpt adds links to [2]coverage at the BBC [3]and The Register,
   asking "What next, a massive government database system to track every
   message and contacts between people?"

   [4]Click Here



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