Gentlemen don't read each others' mail

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Fri Feb 27 22:37:51 PST 2004

At 10:05 PM 2/27/04 -0800, Sarad AV wrote:
>They must be doing it all time.It now just turned out
>as a diplomatic issue.

Yep.  When a govt is caught, its a diplomatic issue.   When a tech
is caught, its death, prison, or prison followed by a trade for
similar.  Unless the tech
is recognized "embassy staff" in which case he merely has to pack his
bags pronto.

Does Annan/UN have its own counterintel group?   Are they 0wn3d by the

Not that some of the better bugs can be found by a sweep.  Anyone
remember the bursting bug in the wall-trim-that-prevents-chair-damage,
in some US State Dept

Of *course* the phones are tapped at the CO, and yes a SecPhone would
work, *except* for the room bugs, no lasers (too finicky) needed.  As is
Annan's (et al) limo and apartment.  Hell, all the luxury cars have
microphones to adjust the radio volume anyway; sometimes for noise
cancellation.  And the On-Star mic has been used to
bug folks too, from the On-Star office.  Isn't remote control great?
A trojan on wheels.  Well, the original trojan probably had wheels too.

PS: the solution for a laser-bugger
to a speaker in your double-glazed window is to find the
recording of the music used as cover, and subtract.   Takes a little
longer but there's a machine in Ft. Meade that does this real fast.
Getting the phase right is the hardest part.

The secretary will disavow any knowledge, of course.

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