Gentlemen don't read each others' mail

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Fri Feb 27 10:20:47 PST 2004

Variola wrote...

>Silly lad, the walls have ears.   And the ceilings, trimwork, light
>heating ducts, etc.
>Think outside the (secure) box, dude.

Well, of course those are the conventional channels, and for sure some of 
them would have been employed. But an all-around secure communications 
infrastructure would have to include the telephony, or else all of the other 
precautions can more or less be CALEA'd away 9ie, using the physical 
infrastructure of CALEA).

And there's also the question of willing "our boys" would be of incurring 
some international incident by installing eavesdropping devices. Something 
CALEA-like seems far less instrusive.

Of course, there's laser-based eavesdropping from the outside of the 
building, and I'd bet this was actually the method used in many cases. 
Laser/vibration-proof glass apparently does exist (it's installed in that 
DARPA building in downtown watchamaface VA), but I doubt it's installed in 
the UN, as it's VERY expensive. (But then again, maybe some select rooms 
have it.)


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