Microsoft Plans Biometric ID Cards

sunder sunder at
Wed Feb 25 08:29:50 PST 2004

No doubt such a card will automatically be linked to a Microsoft Passport 
account, Microsoft Wallet, etc. to make sure that the violation of your 
privacy can continue  unhindered.

No doubt, the 2nd step will be to either add an RFID chip inside it plus a 
reader on the PC... Or setting the next Microsoft PC spec to include a 
barcode/RFID reader on the PC.  (Or perhaps this is already in the spec, 
just not advertised?)

Then you'll need to login with the card, and activating Windows XP, etc. 
will require the card; all Office documents will be signed/stamped with a 
GID that matches said card, etc...  Hell, it might as well be your SSN... 
After all, continuing abuse of the social security numbers meets all 
Microsoft criteria for such a thing: it's a sensitive number, that when 
handled in an unsecure way (Microsoft's modus operandi, of course) it's 
guaranteed to open you up to ID, financial, and privacy theft...

That said, "Backdoor*" Billy Gee is about two and half years late to share 
the feed through at the scummy emperor of privacy invasion:

You see, both Larry "I wear a kimono" Ellison, and Scooter (formerly known 
as the "The Dot in dot com" CEO) both had immediate wet dreams of a 
national ID card right after 9.11.2001.  Of course, the former wanted it to 
involve Oracle, the latter wanted it to be on a Java smartcard...  uh huh...

Yes, we all know great government issued ID's worked to prevent the 
disposable terrorists of 9.11.  I'm sure that the Microsoft ID will work 
even better in making us just even more "secure."

* "Secure" is a newspeak marketing feechure checklist item which is to be 
translated the same way as the word love in Ministry of Love, the word 
peace in the Ministry of Peace, the word truth in the Ministry of Truth.

* Backdoor in this case refers not to Billy's preference of human 
interaction, but rather to the 'More "Secure" than before' feature of 
Windows XP which was made famous by various trojans, worms, and other 
self-replicating bits of code.

R. A. Hettinga wrote:

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> DATE: 25/02/2004
> Microsoft Plans Biometric ID Cards

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