Freematt's review of "A State of Disobedience" By Tom Kratman

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Mon Feb 23 09:57:40 PST 2004

Well, yeah...there's been a lot of good to come out of the Christian world, 
including the notion of "unalienable human rights".

But it's a worthwhile topic to troll about for a while. If you make a 
calculation of the number of humans made miserable by greater Christendom 
(to use a Kierkegaardian term), it probably dwarfs a similar calculation 
made for other religions, including Stalinism. On the other hand, the 
Christians learned how to make precise-bore gunpowder weapons earlier than 
anyone else, so maybe it's just an historic accident.

However, fundamentalist forms of Christianity seem to be at the heart of a 
lot of this Administration's shenannigans (see that Vanity Fair article on 
Orrin Hatch and you'll be pretty upset...)


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> >    And if you look back, it's clear that 99% if not all repression
> > in the US comes from exactly that basis -- all the sex laws, porn
> > laws, drug laws -- the intolerant, hate-filled christian mindset that
> > says sex is bad, mental freedom is bad, pleasure is bad, the wilderness
> > is bad and must be tamed, subjegated, and "civilised", that the
> > is for humans alone to exploit, that other religions and cultures are
> > evil and must be suppressed and "rehabilitated" and re-educated as they
> > did with the Indians.
> >    Isn't it time for freedom loving people to wake up and start dealing
> > with the basic problem in the world and especially the US -- 
> >
>(You left out cancer, AIDS, and supersized happy meals)
>     Intolerant hate filled christian mind set?  How does this 
>christians from the muslims, jews, native americans (I can't believe you
>were so insensitive as to call them Indians) or even atheists?
>     Perhaps we should all give in to the fun-loving stalinist's.  They got
>rid of God, and it worked out well for them (and for human rights,
>economics, etc etc).

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