Freematt's review of "A State of Disobedience" By Tom Kratman

Pete Capelli pcapelli at
Mon Feb 23 09:06:48 PST 2004

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>    And if you look back, it's clear that 99% if not all repression
> in the US comes from exactly that basis -- all the sex laws, porn
> laws, drug laws -- the intolerant, hate-filled christian mindset that
> says sex is bad, mental freedom is bad, pleasure is bad, the wilderness
> is bad and must be tamed, subjegated, and "civilised", that the
> is for humans alone to exploit, that other religions and cultures are
> evil and must be suppressed and "rehabilitated" and re-educated as they
> did with the Indians.
>    Isn't it time for freedom loving people to wake up and start dealing
> with the basic problem in the world and especially the US -- christianity?

(You left out cancer, AIDS, and supersized happy meals)

    Intolerant hate filled christian mind set?  How does this differentiate
christians from the muslims, jews, native americans (I can't believe you
were so insensitive as to call them Indians) or even atheists?

    Perhaps we should all give in to the fun-loving stalinist's.  They got
rid of God, and it worked out well for them (and for human rights,
economics, etc etc).


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