Humorous Airport DoS (from cryptogram)

Thomas Shaddack shaddack at
Sun Feb 15 14:24:58 PST 2004

> Or if I sprayed the seats in the airports lounge or restaurant, the
> bomb-sniffing dogs would become butt-sniffing dogs, to the major
> embarrassment of security.  This last, while humorous, would go a long
> way toward discrediting the security force.

Chemicals that aren't detected themselves but undergo slow change
(oxidation, hydrolysis...) to the ones that trigger the detectors
(including but not limited to the dogs) bear a lot of potential too. I
remmember an incident in a friend's school couple years ago, with some
crystalline stuff that hydrolyzed to (I think ethyl-) mercaptan.

A bottle of a detergent the janitors use for floor cleaning could be
contaminated with something similar as well. Imagine the puzzled dogs the
next days. Those cute little ones occassionally used for sniffing drugs
could look especially funny.

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