Windows source leaked?

Dave Howe DaveHowe at
Fri Feb 13 02:26:33 PST 2004

Riad S. Wahby wrote:
> Lots has been said about OSS developers not wanting to look at this
> for fear that they will be "tainted."  While it is true that simply
> the act of looking at the code is unauthorized and illegal, I wonder
> if there is any truth to the claim that a developer who looked at
> Windows source would endanger future projects (assuming, of course,
> that simple copying---which is clearly illegal---doesn't happen).
> Comments?
I suspect a little of the other direction may come into play - OSS writers
checking though the source to see if any of *their* code has been added to
the MS product... Sorta like SCO and system V -> Linux ;)

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