Offshoring of commercial data...

Tyler Durden camera_lumina at
Wed Feb 11 07:44:24 PST 2004

Steve Schear wrote...

>This is why all such records, if they are generated at all, should be held 
>offshore and accessible only through a procedure which includes a duress 

This leads me to an interesting set of ideas I've been playing with 

Let's say I work for a large commercial entity with very large amounts of 
data about lots of US (and other) consumers. Let's also say that I'm 
starting to feel that the integrity of this data can't be assured under the 
current (or future) regime in DC. (And this lack-of-integrity may play out 
as a very real marketing/customer service issue.) Let's also say that I've 
convinced the relevant parties within this commerical entity to start moving 
this data (or a copy of it, perhaps) offshore, where it can be more readily 

Has this kind of thing been done already? (I'm talking about huge amounts of 
commercial data.) And, how is that data placed so that there's a reasonable 
level of confidence that it's 'safe' (ie, if the data were moved to the UK I 
would assume our cronies over there would be eager to help DC dig out 
whatever they needed). Do we need a few copies in varying political regimes 
in order for this to work?

ALso, anybody know if there are any legal consequences/risks here in the US 
if this was even attempted? (ie, 'moving' data really means copying overseas 
and then destroying the local copy...I assume a big corporation could do 
this without any legal consequences...).

Also, is this even worth doing or is there some big hole in the logic here? 
(Tyler Durden being a Cypherpunk of the Stoopid variety...)

Hey...someone whip a copy of this to old Crotchety May...I bet he's already 
looked into this.


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