Cypherpunks response to viral stimuli

sunder sunder at
Mon Feb 2 15:22:01 PST 2004

petard wrote:

> Along these same lines, mightn't a TLA or similar induce someone
> downstream of them to spam the cypherpunks remailers and collect the
> identities of those who complain?

That's got to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.  No TLA would do 
that.  They'd simply watch upstream of each node.  They can wait for 
outgoing messages and collect email addresses to their heart's content....

By definition, if you've subscribed to cypherpunks, you can expect all of 
the TLA's to at least know your email address.

If anything, you can blame the slew of anti-SCO and non-SCO related virii 
for the lack of messages...  If you were going to pull some half assed 
conspiracy theory, you might have come up with something more original - 
like "Maybe the TLA's are sending the virii so as to choke off the 
lists..."  But that's dumb as well for far more obvious reasons:

See, the cypherpunks is a gold mine for the TLA's.  All they have to do is 
subscribe, listen, and wait.  At some point, some poor dumb nutcase like 
Jim Bell will do something silly.  The polyester suited knights will hit 
the champale and have a nice party on his ass...

Man, the collective IQ's of the posters on this list has certainly been 
dropping lower and lower... sheesh!

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