John gets hassled, but those with $ are not

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Mon Aug 30 11:03:53 PDT 2004

JY reports on the Fed nervousness about his publications;
but anyone with a few hundred $ can buy a CDROM or
nicely printed map of the same info.

[listsig: surveillance, 1st amendment, everyone is a reporter]

This 2003/2004 edition of the N. American Natural Gas
System map is the most comprehensive (and
eye-catching) gas system map on the market.

The Electric Power System Atlas of North America on
CD-ROM offers the most-detailed,
most-comprehensive overview of the United States,
Canadian and Mexican electric infrastructure available
today, giving you the tools you need to make crucial
analytical or market decisions.

This atlas provides complete information for
competitive analysis, plant siting, transportation to
and from power plants, regional fuel mix, and territory
coverage. It's convenient, portable, and easy to use. It
displays 292 separate maps, plus 26 insets of
important regions including major metropolitan areas
such as Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

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