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Sun Aug 29 10:17:50 PDT 2004

On Sun, 29 Aug 2004, Sunder wrote:

> If you asked my previous immediate boss (at a very sleazy dot.com) if he
> took security seriously, he said, and I quote from memory as he did say
> this infront of me to a client on the phone "Sure, we do quarterly scans
> of all the machines, and we're using a security company, which we're not
> at liberty to name, that does scans for Fortune 500 companies and they say
> we're secure."  (And no, not a single scan was done, and no security
> company was hired, because they were cheap bastards.  The only scan that
> was done, was by me, only because I wanted to play with Nessus, and boy,
> it said the opposite of secure, which I then had to patch all them boxes,
> but this was later on.)

Woooaaahh!!! Savvis!!!  "J"?  Is that you?


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