Dope-Slaps and the Imaginary Axis (Re: Cryptome on ABC Evening News?)

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Tue Aug 17 12:04:01 PDT 2004

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At 5:44 PM -0700 8/14/04, Bill Stewart wrote:
>the site there
>showing pictures of cable landings

Wow. Didn't know that. I was *at* Spencer Beach on the Big Island
last month, *looking*, :-), and I didn't see *anything*.

<V8-autodope-slap> I coulda looked at cryptome </v-a-s>.

I was at Morro Bay with Vin and Cyn once, popping over from SLO, but
we weren't looking then for what is the other end of several other
pipes fulla pan-pacific fiber...

There sure isn't much else around Spencer Beach, though, and,
besides, the wife likes Hilo anyway. (It's, um, dry there, at Spencer
Beach. She hates ABQ's climate, too, where most of my, heh,
addressable family lives: "My God!!! It looks like the *moon* out
there!!!" she says to the plane window the first time out, "Where are
the *trees*???" :-) A shopping trip to Old Town and a Death by Santa
Fe Style outfit later she's over the problem. Gotta keep her away
from Corpus, though, or I'm doomed. Or maybe I just show her a
post-hurricane pic of the "T" and "L" heads, covered in beached

I was all depressed about maybe retiring to Hilo -- it was my idea we
were there to begin with, c'punkly visions in my head about a
financial-crypto lab/detox facility, or something -- until I saw the
biz/lab-park up above UH-Hilo where all the observatories (except
Keck in Waimea/"Kamuela") have their headquarters. Nice fat fiber
pipes going in and out. Kewl. I knew there was fiber to Mauna Kea, a
ranger named Pablo up there showed me a huge junction box(?); nice
they ran it down the other side. I shoulda realized, as the Gemini
scopes are all "We're Internet2, donchaknow...".

The local "connectivity" providers, who sell WiFi to the touristas
for $5/hr (or not, one says WiFi's "not safe", methinks he doth not
know his firewall from his elbow), had no idea where the fiber, if
any, was on the whole wet side of the island, so they weren't any
help. The proximal cause of said depression, that was. Besides having
flashbacks of various deep-and-recent past Caribbean Island-Time

Anyway, there's bandwidth with a capital b, and I keep forgetting
about the Island Time thing. Something about me and what Beaver
called "the imaginary axis". Like a moth and a flame.


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