Forensics on PDAs, notes from the field

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Fri Aug 13 16:44:16 PDT 2004

>On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Thomas Shaddack wrote:
>> In the world of industrial espionage and divorce lawyers, the FedZ
>> the only threat model.

At 03:06 PM 8/13/04 -0400, Sunder wrote:
>Right, in which case GPG (or any other decent crypto system) is just
>or you wouldn't be looking for stego'ing it inside of binaries in the
>first place.

I don't think Sunder grasps how much fun divorce lawyers can be.

So, Mr. Smith, what *do* you hide with your crypto tools?   And why
won't you let the court examine the plaintext in camera, if your
content is so benign?   (Or are your ex-wife's accusations true?)

Also, public schools prohibit the use of encryption.  No kidding.

And finding a crypto tool on a .mil slave's personal machine may be
indicting evidence, given their lack of civilian legal processes, when
accused by their own.

Since mere possession of lockpick tools is criminal, do you really
think you can possess crypto tools freely?

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