Forensics on PDAs, notes from the field

Morlock Elloi morlockelloi at
Fri Aug 13 10:27:48 PDT 2004

> A cool thing for this purpose could be a patch for gcc to produce unique 
> code every time, perhaps using some of the polymorphic methods used by 
> viruses.

The purpose would be that they do not figure out that you are using some
security program, so they don't suspect that noise in the file or look for
stego, right?

The last time I checked the total number of PDA programs ever offered to public
in some way was around 10,000 (5,000 ? 100,000 ? Same thing.) That can be
trivially checked for. Any custom-compiled executable will stand out as a sore

You will suffer considerably less bodily damage inducing you to spit the
passphrase than to produce the source and the complier.

Just use the fucking PGP. It's good for your genitals.

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