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Al-Qaeda computer geek nearly overthrew US
By Thomas C Greene (thomas.greene at theregister.co.uk)
Published Wednesday 11th August 2004 16:45 GMT

Update A White House with a clear determination to draw paranoid 
conclusions from ambiguous data has finally gone over the top. It has now 
implied that the al-Qaeda computer geek arrested last month in Pakistan 
was involved in a plot to destabilize the USA around election time.

Two and two is five

As we reported here 
and here 
so-called al-Qaeda "computer expert" Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, a 
Pakistani, was arrested on 13 July in possession of detailed but rather 
old surveillance documents related to major financial institutions in New 
York, Newark, and Washington.

Since that time, other intelligence has led the US security apparatus to 
imagine that a plot to attack the USA might be in the works. (No doubt 
there are scores of plots in the works, but we digress.) Therefore, last 
week, the ever-paranoid Bush Administration decided that Khan's building 
surveillance documents, and the hints of imminent danger, had to be 
connected. Indeed, if al Qaeda is to strike at all, it is most likely to 
strike the targets mentioned in Khan's documents, as opposed to thousands 
of others, the Bushies reasoned.

New York, Newark and Washington were immediately put on high alert, at 
great expense, and to the inconvenience of millions of residents.


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