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Subj: The Surveillance Industrial Complex


The ACLU is releasing a new report today on the "Surveillance-Industrial
Complex," an in-depth look at all the ways that the government is
conscripting or recruiting private companies for its war individual privacy
and liberty .  The report is online at:


In conjunction with the release of the report, we have created a new action
Web page asking consumers to help us ask companies to take a "no-spy
pledge" that they won't willingly cooperate with government demands for
their customers' data.

The action page is online at:www.aclu.org/privatize

The No Spy Pledge says:

1. You will not turn individually identifiable data on your customers over
to the government for security purposes unless legally required to do so.

 2. You will use every legal means to fight government demands for data
that are not authorized by current law, or which violate your
Constitutional rights or those of your customers.

3. If the government serves you with a legally binding request to turn over
customer information, you will notify customers that our information has
been turned over (unless you are subject to a gag order prohibiting you
from doing so under the Patriot Act or other legislation)

In addition, companies called data aggregators are increasingly becoming a
means by which the government accesses information on individuals. I would
also like to ask whether you provide information about your customers to
data aggregators or any other companies that are in the business of
consolidating customer information. If so, which ones


Barry Steinhardt

Director Technology and Liberty Project

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

125 Broad Street

NYC 10004


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