Bluesniper question

Major Variola (ret) mv at
Sun Aug 8 11:52:48 PDT 2004

Why do the long range RF folks always use Yagis?  Aren't
Yagis supposed to be fairly broadband?  Aren't there
other highly-directional (ie high gain in one direction)
antennae which (simply by virtue of being narrow bandwidth)
would be better?

Or is it that Yagi's broadband-ness allows for more slop
in manufacturing, as when you're using pringles & hardware-store

BTW seems to me that a (wire-mesh, thank you Morlock)
parabolic would be better.    The optical scope can
look right through the mesh.  (Use a night vision scope
and IR beacon on your target if the target agrees, or
is in a parked car with hot brake pads.  In Calif
NV scopes can't be put on rifles that launch projectiles
but you're not launching anything but photons (in the case
of sending Bluetooth commands.)

PS: From the photo the Yagi rifles look like they are polarization
sensitive, having linear (vs + shaped) directors.

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