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                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                             ESORICS 2004
        9th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security

               Sponsored by SAP, @sec, and Rigion PACA

      Institut Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera, France
                        September 13-15, 2004
             ESORICS 2004 will be collocated with RAID 2004

Since 1990, ESORICS has been confirmed as the European research event in
computer security, attracting audience from both the academic and industrial
communities. The symposium has established itself as one of the premiere,
international gatherings on Information Assurance. This year's three days
program will feature a single technical track with 27 full papers selected
from almost 170 submissions.

                          PRELIMINARY PROGRAM

Monday, September 13th

09:15 - 09:30   opening remarks

09:30 - 10:30   invited talk

10:30 - 11:00   coffee break

11:00 - 12:30   Access control

  Incorporating Dynamic Constraints in the Flexible Authorization Framework
  Shiping Chen, Duminda Wijesekera, Sushil Jajodia

  Access-Condition-Table-driven Access Control for XML Database
  Naizhen Qi, Michiharu Kudo

  An Algebra for Composing Enterprise Privacy Policies
  Michael Backes, Markus Duermuth, Rainer Steinwandt

12:30 - 14:00   lunch

14:00 - 15:30   Cryptographic protocols

  Deriving, attacking and defending the GDOI protocol
  Catherine Meadows, Dusko Pavlovic

  Better Privacy for Trusted Computing Platforms
  Jan Camenisch

  A Cryptographically Sound Dolev-Yao Style Security Proof of the Otway-Rees
  Michael Backes

15:30 - 16:00   coffee break

16:00 - 17:30   Anonymity and information hiding

  A Formalization of Anonymity and Onion Routing
  Sjouke Mauw, Jan Verschuren, Erik de Vink

  Breaking Cauchy Model-based JPEG Steganography with First Order Statistics
  Rainer Bvhme, Andreas Westfeld

  Comparison between two practical mix designs
  Claudia Diaz, Len Sassaman, Evelyne Dewitte

Tuesday, September 14th

09:00 - 10:30    Distributed data protection

  Signature Bouquets: Immutability for Aggregated/Condensed Signatures
  Einar Mykletun, Maithili Narasimha, Gene Tsudik

  Towards a theory of data entanglement
  James Aspnes, Joan Feigenbaum, Aleksandr Yampolskiy, Sheng Zhong

  Portable and Flexible Document Access Control Mechanisms
  Mikhail Atallah, Marina Bykova

10:30 - 11:00   coffee break

11:00 - 12:30   Information flow and security properties

  Possibilistic Information Flow Control in the Presence of Encrypted
  Dieter Hutter, Axel Schairer

  Information flow control revisited: Noninfluence = Noninterference +
  David von Oheimb

  Security Property Based Administrative Controls
  Jon A. Solworth, Robert H. Sloan

12:30 - 14:00   lunch

14:00 - 15:30   Authentication and trust management

  A Vector Model of Trust for Developing Trustworthy Systems
  Indrajit Ray, Sudip Chakraborty

  Parameterized Authentication
  Michael J. Covington, Mustaque Ahamad, Irfan Essa, H. Venkateswaran

  Combinatorial Design of Key Distribution Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor
  Bulent Yener, Seyit A. Camtepe

15:30 - 16:00   coffee break

16:00 - 17:30   Cryptography

  IPv6 Opportunistic Encryption
  Claude Castelluccia, Gabriel Montenegro, Julien Laganier, Christoph Neumann

  On the role of key schedules in attacks on iterated ciphers
  Lars R. Knudsen, John E. Mathiassen

  A Public-Key Encryption Scheme with Pseudo-Random Ciphertexts
  Bodo Moller

Wednesday, September 15th

09:00 - 10:30   Operating systems and architecture

  A Host Intrusion Prevention System for Windows Operating Systems
  Roberto Battistoni, Emanuele Gabrielli, Luigi Vincenzo Mancini

  Re-establishing Trust in Compromised Systems: Recovering from Rootkits
  that Trojan the System Call Table
  Julian Grizzard, John Levine, Henry Owen

  ARCHERR: Runtime Environment Driven Program Safety
  Ramkumar Chinchani, Anusha Iyer, Bharat Jayaraman, Shambhu Upadhyaya

10:30 - 11:00   coffee break

11:00 - 12:30   Intrusion detection

  Sets, Bags, and Rock and Roll Analyzing Large Data Sets of Network Data
  John McHugh

  Redundancy and diversity in security
  Bev Littlewood, Lorenzo Strigini

  Discover Novel Attack Strategies from INFOSEC Alerts
  Xinzhou Qin, Wenke Lee

                           ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

General Chair
 Refik Molva
 Institut Eurecom
 email: Refik.Molva at eurecom.fr

Program Chairs
 Peter Ryan                              Pierangela Samarati
 University of Newcastle upon Tyne       University of Milan
 email: Peter.Ryan at newcastle.ac.uk       email: samarati at dti.unimi.it

Publication Chair                       Publicity Chair
 Dieter Gollmann                         Yves Roudier
 TU Hamburg-Harburg                      Institut Eurecom
 email: diego at tuhh.de                    email: roudier at eurecom.fr

Sponsoring Chair
 Marc Dacier
 Institut Eurecom
 email: dacier at eurecom.fr

                              PROGRAM COMMITTEE

 Vijay Atluri, Rutgers University, USA
 Giampaolo Bella, Universit` di Catania, Italy
 Joachim Biskup, Universitaet Dortmund, Germany
 Jan Camenisch, IBM Research, Switzerland
 Germano Caronni, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, USA
 David Chadwick, University of Salford, UK
 Ernesto Damiani, University of Milan, Italy
 Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, University of Milan, Italy
 Yves Deswarte, LAAS-CNRS, France
 Alberto Escudero-Pascual, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
 Csilla Farkas, University of South Carolina, USA
 Simon Foley, University College Cork, Ireland
 Dieter Gollmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany
 Joshua D. Guttman, MITRE, USA
 Sushil Jajodia, George Mason University, USA
 Sokratis K. Katsikas, University of the Aegean, Greece
 Maciej Koutny, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
 Peng Liu, Pennsylvania State University, USA
 Javier Lopez, University of Malaga, Spain
 Roy Maxion, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 Patrick McDaniel, AT&T Labs-Research, USA
 John McHugh, CERT/CC, USA
 Catherine A. Meadows, Naval Research Lab, USA
 Refik Molva, Institut Euricom, France
 Peng Ning, NC State University, USA
 LouAnna Notargiacomo, The MITRE Corporation, USA
 Eiji Okamoto, University of Tsukuba, Japan
 Stefano Paraboschi, University of Bergamo, Italy
 Andreas Pfitzmann, TU Dresden, Germany
 Bart Preneel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
 Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Microelectronic laboratory, Belgium
 Steve Schneider, University of London, UK
 Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems, Inc., USA
 Michael Steiner, IBM T.J. Watson Research Laboratory, USA
 Paul Syverson, Naval Research Laboratory, USA
 Kymie M.C. Tan, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 Dan Thomsen, Tresys Technology, USA
 Moti Yung, Columbia University, USA

                              VENUE / TRAVEL

ESORICS 2004 will be held on the French Riviera coast, about 20 km West of
and 15 km Northeast of Cannes. The conference will take place at Institut
Eurecom / CICA, in the Sophia Antipolis science park, which can easily be
reached thanks to the nearby Nice international airport. For more
information, refer to: http://esorics04.eurecom.fr/visitor_information.html

                              IMPORTANT DATES

 ESORICS conference dates: September 13-15, 2004
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