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> G&D produce (or help produce) things like banknotes and passports (and have
> been doing so for more than a century), the secrecy comes with the

I have no smart card background, unfortunately. I've heard G&D ignores
requests from open source developer people, though.

Are keywords like STARCOS SPK2.3 (Philips P8WE5032 chip), ITSEC E4
certification (with StarCert v 2.2.) etc. associated with a good
security track?


    * ISO/IEC compatible
    * Secure messaging
    * Hierarchical ISO file system
    * DES, 3DES
    * State machine
    * Logical Channels support
    * Deletion of files (EF) and applications (DF)
    * Enhanced hardware security
    * High performance
    * Implementation of various access controls (authentication)
    * Data encryption with asymmetric RSA keys up to a key length of 1,024
    * bits
    * Generation and verification of digital signatures with RSA and DSA
    * On-card RSA key generation up to a key length of 1,024 bits
    * The digital signature application StarCert is ITSEC E4 high certified

STARCOS SPK2.3 is available on a Philips chip with 32 kByte. Symmetric (DES,
3DES) as well as asymmetric (DSA, RSA) cryptograhic methods are supported.

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