[Politech] A close look at John Kerry's *real* tech agenda [ip]

Bill Stewart bill.stewart at pobox.com
Mon Aug 2 14:18:38 PDT 2004

At 08:35 AM 8/2/2004, Declan wrote:

John Kerry is not our friend on this issue.
If you've read Alexander Cockburn's article on Kerry's Vietnam record,
he's not good on peace issues either.

On the other hand, he's not Bush.
While he and Edwards both like PATRIOT, he's not as aggressive about it as 
and while he did murder people in Vietnam, he was doing it retail-level,
while Bush does it wholesale.

It's definitely a lesser-of-two-evils game,
and it's more like Cthulhu vs. Hastur rather than Cthulhu vs. Bambi or even 
Fortunately, here in California, Bush looks like he's way behind,
so it's safe to vote Libertarian (or Green, or Naderite, or other parties),
but nationwide it's "Go, Hastur!  Hastur! Hastur! aaarghff..."

Meanwhile, Tom Ridge has raised the National Fearmongering Level from
"wolf wolf wolf" to "wolf wolf wolf wolf" for NYC, DC, and NJ.

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