Another Cypherpunks Investigation?

John Young jya at
Sat Sep 13 15:11:09 PDT 2003

James Donald wrote:

>And this, of course, assumes that Professor Rat is real, rather 
>than an american agent provocateur sshing to Australia.  For an 
>Australian, he seems oddly obsessed with US figures.

Based on when Rat began to post, and the gush of charges
allegedly made against him elsewhere and in the US, James
would appear to be probably right about the nut-case being an
agent provocateur, either government run or self-appointed.
Self-appointed provocateurs all too often wind up working for
the authorities once they gain access to or credibility with
enemies of the state.

Still, some may recall that CJ was charged similarly, but still
went to jail. Not that going to jail clears a rat, rather it may
indicate a deeper deception.

What happens to a person during jail, facing charges, being
questioned, seemingly cleared, then reappearing behaving
even more provocatively, fits the pattern of the agent

But inducing a party to behave like an agent provocateur
is a methodology oft used by handlers of agents. Smearing
a genuine dissident with charges of being a government agent
is also a hoary technique.

Fostering dissent is the favorite way governments assure
their survival by being forever vigilante, forever being needed
to protect the unwary, forever cooking up new threats to the

Indeed without dissent, especially vociferous and verging
on violence, governments might wither, as commies
and fascists well know and backscratch each other.

Professor Rat does indeed appear to be a pro, reminds of 
the gang that pokied Jim Bell before 9/11, and now are eager 
to keep the counter-cyber-terrorism careers aflowering. 

Witness Jessica Stern and a host of others, feeding and being
fed by the justice cartel worldwide, pleased as shit at the
bountiful evidence-provocation-fabricator: the Net.

If cypherpunks did not exist, prosecutors and rats would
have to invent it, in the narc lab, oops, DARPA.

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