Anyone Remember Zero Knowledge Systems?

James A. Donald jamesd at
Thu Sep 11 22:59:43 PDT 2003

On 10 Sep 2003 at 11:32, R. A. Hettinga wrote:
> It is interesting to ponder what would happen if the Freedom
> network were widely deployed and routing file swapping
> packets. One key feature of the original Freedom network was
> that routing nodes could (and would) be placed in different
> legal jurisdictions. Assuming that node operators actually
> logged packet traffic, organizations like the RIAA would be
> forced to subpoena node operators in multiple countries; a
> process humorously referred to as "Jurisdictional Arbitrage."

Freenet and frost are already doing this.

If the music companies continue to try to hold back the tide,
this may be the best thing yet for encryption. 

         James A. Donald

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