[cdr] Re: Anyone Remember Zero Knowledge Systems?

J.A. Terranson measl at mfn.org
Wed Sep 10 21:22:29 PDT 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Major Variola (ret) wrote:

> As an aside, I'm surprised the BSA hasn't joined in.

Funny you should mention that...

While RIAA/IDSA/etc. have been long standing users of DMCA, producing several
dozen subpoenas on a good week (at my day job) for many months now, this week
was notable for a new player:  Symantec.  And they have come out of the gate
with a vengeance, producing 6 on the first day, and another 4 on their

The software folks are *not* far behind.  And they are all playing for keeps.

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