"Terror Reading"

Eric Cordian emc at artifact.psychedelic.net
Tue Sep 2 00:21:36 PDT 2003

Tim wrote:

> Even the owner of my ISP is narcing me out.

> Read what he wrote recently to a Net.Nazi who wanted my speech limited:

> "I'm sorry that Tim is being a bother again. He has a long history of
> being obnoxious and threatening. So far, he has not broken any laws. We 
> have talked to the authorities about him on numerous occasions. They 
> have chosen to watch but not act.  Please feel free to notify me if he 
> does anything that is beyond rude and actually violates any laws and I 
> will immediately inform the authorities."

> Thank You
> Don Frederickson  (co-owner and CEO of got.net, Santa Cruz)

Every police state is enabled by the actions of thousands of little peons
(like Don Frederickson here), who insert themselves into things that are
none of their business, in order that they may feel that they are
important in the new scheme of things.

Indeed, baggage screeners, librarians, and operators of small mom and pop
ISPs do more damage to individual freedom than the uniformed jackboots do.

I am reminded of that scene in Roman Polanski's movie in which the hero
staggers out of the apartment where he has been hiding, and is pursued out
the building by a middle-aged woman screaming - "Stop him, He's a Jew!"

Replace suspected Jew by Terrorist, Child Molester, Drug Dealer, or Money
Launderer, and you basically have the current climate for neighbor on
neighbor snooping here in AmeriKKKa.

Indeed, the hallmark of the Neocon climate of fear we current live under
is the successful exportation of the technology of critic silencing
formerly found only in areas such as Holocaust Promotion or the Sex Abuse
Agenda to every facet of our everyday lives.

The new rule for personal political speech seems to be - "Don't tip your
hand until you have the firepower to defend yourself."

Eric Michael Cordian 0+
O:.T:.O:. Mathematical Munitions Division
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