Pellicano: encrypted files, wiretaps, pacbell on the take

Major Variola (ret.) mv at
Mon Nov 17 06:24:02 PST 2003

Pellicano Taking His Secrets With Him to Federal Prison
 Private investigator refuses to cooperate in FBI probe of alleged
illegal wiretapping,1,3427559.story?coll=la-home-todays-times

Federal agents searched Pellicano's offices three times and seized 36
electronic devices, including computer hard drives and storage drives of
encrypted files, according to court documents.

Law enforcement sources allege that the computers contained detailed
bookkeeping records, wiretapping software and encrypted files of tapped
phone conversation transcripts.

Officials have notified two men that they are subjects of the
wiretapping probe: Bert Fields, one of Hollywood's most prominent
attorneys who employed Pellicano on a number of cases; and Ray Turner, a
former Pacific Bell employee.

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