Jews Go Nuclear

Eric Cordian emc at
Sat Nov 15 10:45:57 PST 2003

Major Variola wrote:

> You put nukes in subs to avoid getting them blown up
> esp. by a first strike.

You mean like the Jews blew up the Iranian nuclear reactor?

> So whoever nukes Israel had best do so without a
> piece of real estate associated with it, because the sub
> nukes will persist.  Even if the ground-based intel
> the subs might have relied on for targeting is smoking slag.

What make your think Israel will have to be nuked in order to respond with
its own nukes?  I should think anything that threatens Israel's existence
as a racist apartheid human rights violating state in perpetual contempt
for the will of the international community would serve as a sufficient
excuse for War Criminal Sharon to launch a nuclear attack.

After which, of course, AmeriKKKa's Neocon Dictator, George W. Bush, would
call a press conference to deliver the usual "Israel has a right to defend
itself" line, and order his UN ambassador to veto all security council
resolutions critical of Israel.  The EU would be critical, the Jews would
call them anti-Semites, and the US Congress would fall all over itself to
suport the action, fleeing in terror to avoid becoming targets of
AmeriKKKan jewish voters, and Zionist pressure groups.

In other words, business as usual.

> Yet another advantage to being a unlocalized organization.

> Or working out of an untouchable like Saudi arabia.

Saudi Arabia is hardly untouchable.  It is simply not at the top of the
list.  The Neocons plan for all the Arab dominos to fall eventually.

AmeriKKKa needs to purge itself of external influence on its government
through covert non-foreign policy channels, especially by "Orientals."

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