Gestapo harasses John Young, appeals to patriotism, told to fuck off

Tim May timcmay at
Tue Nov 11 21:01:00 PST 2003

On Nov 8, 2003, at 11:06 AM, Anonymous wrote:

>> Cryptome received a visit today from FBI Special Agents Todd Renner 
>> and Christopher
>> Kelly from the FBI Counterterrorism Office in New York, 26 Federal 
>> Plaza, telephone
>> 212) 384-1000. Both agents presented official ID and business cards.
> Good stuff. Pigs getting concerned about cryptome means they are 
> scared.

I don't understand how this "Anonymous" can title a post with the 
phrase "told to fuck off" when John Young's account clearly said that 
he allowed the Feebs to enter his area and even had them sitting on 
either side of him.

I cannot claim to know what I would do, or will do, if Feds ever visit 
my home, but I hope I will have the presence of mind to tell them to:

a) get off my property

b) or to arrest me

In either case, talking to them will not help. The way the 
Reichssecuritat is getting convictions these days is to charge sheeple 
with "lying to Federal agents."

Nothing in the Constitution allows compelled speech, except under 
limited (and I think unconstitutional) cases involving grand juries 
ordering a person to speak. (Or where use or blanket immunity has been 
granted, again, probably an unconstitutional measure, as it is 
compelling potentially self-incriminating evidence which may very well 
be used in either another case or be twisted to provide a basis for 
another case.)

I hope I will have the self-presence to say "You are trespassing. Get 
off my property, right now!"

Cooperating with cops snooping around looking for either thoughtcrime 
or "terrorist aid and support" is a lose, a big lose.

Speculating wildly, the real target may be John Young himself. And 
nearly anything he said to these narcs may be construed, by them and by 
their malleable DAs, as "lying to a Federal investigator."

People should not talk to the Feds. If the Feds come calling, refer 
them to one's lawyer. For those who don't have a lawyer on retainer, 
tell them that you need to consult with a lawyer first. Whether you do 
or you don't is beside the point. The point is to not talk to them.

"Lying to a Federal investigator" is how they probably hope to get 
Cryptome shut down and John's kind of dissent quelled.

--Tim May

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