[AntiSocial] Re: FLASH: DHS wants info on store refunds?

Tim May timcmay at got.net
Mon Nov 3 20:45:35 PST 2003

On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 11:41  AM, Keller, Nick wrote:

> Thst is BS - I just received cash back from my Grocery Store (Giant) -
> No ID asked...
> What was the amount?

It's probably B.S., but if it isn't, and HomeSec is actually requiring 
this, then they are doing so without a specific warrant.

Note that similar attempts in the past to get the names of book buyers, 
or other customers, have failed even when general warrants were sought.

A store is, unless the Constitution has been rewritten lately, free to 
tell any Fed that its paperwork is its paperwork, save for matters 
relating to taxation, and that if the Feds want a _specific_ 
transaction or name, they can seek the appropriate search warrant 
before a judge.

--Tim May

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