[sfs-dev] ANNOUNCE: Patriot S/WAN 1.0 Released!

Ken Bantoft ken at freeswan.ca
Mon Mar 31 21:00:15 PST 2003

Hi Folks, 

JuanJo Ciarlante and I are pleased to announce the release of Patriot 
S/WAN v1.0.  What is this exactly?  Read on...

Those of you who've followed Super FreeS/WAN development will have noticed 
our current trend of supporting less and less secure ciphers, including 
the NULL cipher, and last month, Single DES.

We've decided to take this one step futher, since there is alot of 
uncertainty these days with crypto export regulations for US Citizens.  So 
we've forked Super FreeS/WAN and disabled the high grade ciphers.  Thanks 
to a special grant from the US Government, JuanJo was able to take the 
time to write the ipsec_rot13 module, so we can finally support rot13 
encryption for VPNs!  This means the package can be freely exported out of 
the US with no restrictions, even to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

You can download Patriot S/WAN from http://www.freeswan.ca/code/patriotswan 
or http://downloads.freeswan.ca/patriotswan today, and start building 
VPN's while still allowing the US Government to eavesdrop on all of your 
communications.  Never worry about a court-ordered wiretap again!

Ken Bantoft                The Unoffical FreeS/WAN Site:
ken at freeswan.ca            http://www.freeswan.ca
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