Journalists, Diplomats, Others Urged to Evacuate City

Tim May timcmay at
Mon Mar 17 20:59:31 PST 2003

Journalists, diplomats, inspectors, and civil servants are being urged 
to evacuate the capital. A timetable of 48 hours has been given.

"The Evil Doers will be rooted out and the Evil Ones punished," said 
one spokesman.

However, as of midnight, Eastern Standard Time, there is no evidence 
that Washington residents are taking these warnings seriously.

Needless to say, this is not a threat. I am 3000 miles away, relatively 
safe on my hilltop. Being the survivalist that I have been for much of 
the past 30 years, I have a pantry closet filled with canned goods, 
rice, cereal. And I have a generator, which I expect not to use much. 
And solar battery rechargers (sufficient to recharge AAs and Ds for my 
various small radios, even recharge my laptop...this in case my 
24-packs of AAs and Ds run out, or my several lead cell battery packs, 
etc.). And I have my perimeter alarms, my solar-powered intrusion 
alarms, my rifles, my handguns, my shotguns, my other weapons, my water 
filters, my colleagues. I don't expect to need this stuff, but I am, as 
always, happy to be able to  just stay at home on my hill and watch the 
chaos unfold.

About the threat to Washington: I think it's relatively high. A nerve 
gas attack on buildings or the Metro seems likely. (The Japanese AUM 
cult had Sarin, but was inept. A more capable, military-trained 
operative has had many months to get into D.C. and wait for the obvious 
time to attack. And he need not even be a suicide bomber. A cannister 
of VX with a reliable timer is child's play.

If I were Declan, I'd get out of Dodge.

--Tim May

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