New release of Invisible IRC available

Steve Schear schear at
Mon Mar 10 18:02:20 PST 2003

  IIP 1.1.0 (stable) is released. (2003-03-10)

Invisible IRC Project is a three-tier, peer distributed network designed to 
be a secure and private transport medium for high speed, low volume, 
dynamic content. Features:

     * Perfect Forward Security using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Protocol
     * Constant session key rotation
     * 128 bit Blowfish node-to-node encryption
     * 160 bit Blowfish end-to-end encryption
     * Chaffed traffic to thwart traffic analysis
     * Secure dynamic routing using cryptographically signed namespaces for 
node identification
     * Node level flood control
     * Seamless use of standard IRC clients
     * Gui interface
     * Peer distributed topology for protecting the identity of users
     * Completely modular in design, all protocols are plug-in capable

The IIP software is released under the GPL license and is available for 
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, *nix/BSD and Mac OSX.

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