Someone at the Pentagon read Shockwave Rider over the weekend

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Tue Jul 29 11:49:51 PDT 2003

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> On Tuesday, July 29, 2003, at 09:26  AM, Bill Stewart wrote:
> > Also, NYT Article was 
> >
> >
> > But it sounds like they've chickened out, because  various people 
> > freaked
> > about the implications.  (And they only got as far as it being
> > "an incentive to commit terrorism", without getting to
> > "a funding method for terrorism" or to "Assassination Politics".)
> >
> >
> Not to mention the obvious problems with letting government agents bid 
> on things like when various unwanted foreign leaders would be 
> assassinated. 
Over on Dave Farber's IP list, it's been pointed out that there
is a pre-existing, live, real-money market in futures on these
types of events. Go over to, and click on
'Current Events' under 'Trading Catagories' on the left. Drill down
and you'll find things like 'WMDs will be found in Iraq on or before
Sept 31', the value of which has dropped from 80 to 25 over the
last few months.

Peter Trei

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