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India has 30 million middle class people.An income of
1000 US dollar per month is considered as middle
Thats one reason of strong foreign market in india.I
guess 30 million may be bigger than the population of
some countries.

According to reports the number of dirt poor people
another 25 million,that is those who are below the
povertly line,that means less than an income of 10 US
dollars per month.

This is what the report and statistics keep saying but
any daily wager gets a minimum 3 US dollars per
day,however poor he may be.
That accounts to 90 US dollar per month.Thats the
poorest you can find in india for a *working* person.

So its open to interpret what dirt poor really is.

That is still too less,considering the present cost of
living in india.

Open drains,diseases,insanitory conditions are still
visible in india-though its comming down very slowly.

Go to a govt. hospital,the sanitation and facilities
are poor,escpecially in villages.

A large portion of the indian community depend on
farming and its upto the 'rain gods' that they yield a
good harvest.

To eliminate poverty the govt. employs 5 year plans.

here is a detailed list of the plans

The govt. provides rations to all its citizens-that is
to buy basic essentials like rice,wheat,kerosene
etc... at a much lower prices that commercially

Schooling is pretty affordable to the poor in
government schools and there are enough govt schools
and provide free mid day meals for children.How ever
the state of govt schools are sad.
This year there were over 500 cases of food posioning
among children in one of the 27 states of india all
because of unhygenic food supplied.I am not aware of
the condition in other states.The govt. schools in
many areas have thatched roofs and some are even very
near collapsing.Some schools occupy just 1/10th of an
acre of land and some even less.
The quality of education is also pretty poor.Most
schools only teach in the local lingo and finding
english speaking people in many  regions are hard.Many
of the students emerging from govt. schools eventually
joins the labour class.
In india the average number of students that pass
tenth grade is only 50 percent of the students
appearing 10th grade.

As for politics,2 of the states in india are ruled by
the communist party of india.The case of labour class
is slighly better here but now a days corruption is at
the peak,that the ruling party and opposition party 
joins hands to fill up their pockets.
More over elections in india are won over simple
majority and there are over one thousand registered
parties in india.The oppoition against the ruling part
is usually high.

Rich people constitute around 3 to 5 percent of the
Rich people tend to grow very rich because India is
one country you can be 70 to 80 percent sure that any
person you approach will accept a bribe be it sales
tax,income tax or any kind of tax.

Tax evasion is very common among the rich.If you would
like to reduce your electricity bill for industries
just bribe them and they will reverse the electricity
meter for you.

If a few barrels of illicit liquor gets caught,you can
bribe them to replace it with water.You can get away
with a lot of things and make a lot of money-if you
are rich.

Atleast there is'nt much stigma in viewing the
poor.they are more or les treated as equal and well
respected.Others aren't really bothered of poor ppl.

These are just a few basic issues.the conditions in US
are much better than here.

One part is better in india-privacy rights and liberty
are much better compared to US and even if you do
small crimes you can get away with it.

I can spit on the road,i can stand on the road and
block the traffic till i just get shoved off the road
side.There is no way I get arrested.I can do a lot of
things and not get arrested.

If u get arrested-for minor crimes,you can bribe the
cop and you are freed.I never have a swat team that
breaks down my doors.The streets are guns and snipers
free.I have no surveillence cameras watching me.

Regards Sarath.

--- Mike Rosing <eresrch at> wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Thoenen, Peter CIV Sprint
> wrote:
> > Actually...the *wealthy* (implied other 2 billion
> folk because even the poorest whiny american I
> > have seen is a king in Kosovo) do see, they just
> don't care.
> I agree.  Even India has a few with wealth far
> beyond the imagination of
> most Americans, and many with the same living
> standard as Americans.  They
> certainly see it.  Sarad, care to give us a short
> political description of
> how India views its poorest population and how they
> want to eliminate
> their suffering?  What fraction of India's
> population is "dirt poor"?
> Patience, persistence, truth,
> Dr. mike

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