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Thoenen, Peter CIV Sprint peter.thoenen at
Mon Jul 28 09:38:13 PDT 2003

Actually...the *wealthy* (implied other 2 billion folk because even the poorest whiny american I 
have seen is a king in Kosovo) do see, they just don't care.


Mike Rosing wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Jul 2003, Sarad AV wrote:
>>walk into a government hopsital in a third world and
>>in the U.S-you will see the difference.
>>I am not talking of any one individual getting
>>As for previlages even-basic aminities like
>>food,water,medicine,health care are all previalges
>>though they may not appear to be in  a wealthy nation.
> Yup, it is mighty hard to explain with words.  You have to see with your
> own eyes how 3 billion people live to comprehend "dirt poor".
> Unfortunatly, the wealthy prefer not to see.
> Patience, persistence, truth,
> Dr. mike

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