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Eric Cordian emc at
Sat Jul 26 10:44:10 PDT 2003

Tim May wrote:

> This is a silly, naive view of things. First, the concept of 
> "privilege" is one of those lefty, cockeyed notions the liberals use to 
> vaguely imply that success in life is due to "privilege."

Much as conservatives refer to everyone who can see through their
propaganda better than Joe Sixpack as "The Elite."  Variations include
"The Hollywood Elite", "The University Elite", etc.

Conservatives fear anyone with a longer memory and better critical
thinking skills than your average dumbass American hayseed, programmed in
the Guv'ment School, with his 9th grade reading and his 4th grade math.

> Second, though I strongly disagree with the Second Iraq War, nothing 
> that happens there has anything substantive to do with economic success 
> and "money, power" for anyone I know. Our "money, power" comes from 
> work, investments, high tech, etc.

It comes from work.  Back when I was but a tiny Thaumaturge, home
ownership was within the reach of virtually everyone in AmeriKKKa.  An
entire household full of people could be supported on the income of a
single adult working virtually any full time job.  Leasure time and
recreation were abundant.  The Sheeple were happy sheep.

Fast forward to today, where a barely comfortable living requires every
adult member of a household to work somewhere over full time at some sort
of skilled occupation, one paycheck away from the street.

It's the time-honored algorithm for optimizing the speed of an assembly
line.  You speed up the line until the error rate becomes unacceptable,
and then back off by epsilon.  If the workers are wheezing, with their
tongues hanging dangerously close to the gears, who cares.  There are
hungry people standing in line to replace anyone who can't take it.

Apply this algorithm to macroeconomic variables, during a loud propaganda
campaign promoting "productivity," and you have essentially what was done
to the US economy starting with the ascension of the Conservatives to
power in 1980.

The US spent the Soviet Union into bankrupcy, and rebuilt a military force
that can threaten any nation in the world, not because of Manifest
Destiny, but by working its citizens harder than any other decent nation
was willing to do.  Citizens too dumb to understand that economic control
of a population is not morally superior to control at the point of a gun.

And through the miracle of Fractional Reserve Banking, while the Proles
toiled, a small privileged segment of the population became fabulously
wealthy during the same period, for doing, as Anne Robinson would say,
"Absolutely Nothing."

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