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Sarad AV jtrjtrjtr2001 at
Sat Jul 26 01:10:43 PDT 2003

I wouldn't like to see american soldiers killed
either.How ever I talked to an american citizen a few
days before the second iraq war and he supported the
war saying that-"If one is an american,where do you
think all the money,power and previlage for american
people will come from?"

That sounds very logical.

I retaliated saying that the previlages,power will
come with the death of thousands of iraqi men,women
and children.

He wouldn't budge any way.


--- Eric Cordian <emc at> wrote:
> Sarad writes:
> > May be the information provided by the informant
> was
> > wrong and it ended up that a 14 year kid along
> with 3
> > iraqi  adults got killed and in order to prevent
> > further outrage among iraqi's,the white house
> decided
> > on playing its cards  to its advantage.They didn't
> > confirm their DNA test as yet-funny.
> If it turns out that Shrub killed two ordinary
> Iraqis, claimed they were
> Saddam's sons, and then had army morticians make
> them up to resemble
> Saddam's sons, he will be laughed out of office.
> I've always said that you have to talk to people in
> the language they
> understand, and that the only language the American
> people understand is
> dead Americans.
> Indeed, Bush makes a mockery of the UN, and launches
> a war of aggression
> against Iraq, based on a Weapons of Mass Destruction
> soap opera conducted
> in the media, and the American people approve.
> American soldiers set up check points, and fire at
> families in cars trying
> to flee to safer areas, blowing the heads off
> babies, and the American
> people approve.
> Bush slaughters thousands of Iraqis on his way to
> Baghdad, who are only
> trying to defend their country again outside
> invaders, and the American
> people approve.
> The Iraqis resist by killing a couple Americans a
> day for a few weeks, and
> Bush's approval rating drops 2 points a day.  Almost
> half the American
> public say going to Iraq wasn't worth the cost.
> Americans are finally being talked to in the
> language they understand.
> If the Iraqis kill 5 American soldiers a day for 2
> months, it will cost
> Bush the election.  If they manage a mass hosing,
> comparable to the
> bombing of the Marine barracks in Saudi Arabia, Bush
> will be impeached. If
> they should manage to kill a few tens of thousands
> of American soldiers
> out of the 147,000 currently serving in Iraq, mobs
> of angry American
> parents will attack and burn the White House to the
> ground, and feed Shrub
> and his entire family feet first into a compost
> shredder.
> Again, it's just a matter of talking to people in
> the only language they
> understand.
> -- 
> Eric Michael Cordian 0+
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