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Eric Cordian emc at
Fri Jul 25 20:02:50 PDT 2003

Sarad writes:

> May be the information provided by the informant was
> wrong and it ended up that a 14 year kid along with 3
> iraqi  adults got killed and in order to prevent
> further outrage among iraqi's,the white house decided
> on playing its cards  to its advantage.They didn't
> confirm their DNA test as yet-funny.

If it turns out that Shrub killed two ordinary Iraqis, claimed they were
Saddam's sons, and then had army morticians make them up to resemble
Saddam's sons, he will be laughed out of office.

I've always said that you have to talk to people in the language they
understand, and that the only language the American people understand is
dead Americans.

Indeed, Bush makes a mockery of the UN, and launches a war of aggression
against Iraq, based on a Weapons of Mass Destruction soap opera conducted
in the media, and the American people approve.

American soldiers set up check points, and fire at families in cars trying
to flee to safer areas, blowing the heads off babies, and the American
people approve.

Bush slaughters thousands of Iraqis on his way to Baghdad, who are only
trying to defend their country again outside invaders, and the American
people approve.

The Iraqis resist by killing a couple Americans a day for a few weeks, and
Bush's approval rating drops 2 points a day.  Almost half the American
public say going to Iraq wasn't worth the cost.

Americans are finally being talked to in the language they understand.

If the Iraqis kill 5 American soldiers a day for 2 months, it will cost
Bush the election.  If they manage a mass hosing, comparable to the
bombing of the Marine barracks in Saudi Arabia, Bush will be impeached. If
they should manage to kill a few tens of thousands of American soldiers
out of the 147,000 currently serving in Iraq, mobs of angry American
parents will attack and burn the White House to the ground, and feed Shrub
and his entire family feet first into a compost shredder.

Again, it's just a matter of talking to people in the only language they

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