A 'Funky A.T.M.' Lets You Pay for Purchases Made Online

Tim May timcmay at got.net
Thu Jul 24 18:57:18 PDT 2003

On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 05:11 PM, Justin wrote:

> Tim May (2003-07-24 19:50Z) wrote:
>> We should also fight the use of sloppy language in the press when
>> mundane electronic funds transfer systems are called "digital cash."
> Is there anything to fight?
> The only instance of "digital cash" on google news (there's one
> reference to "digital cash registers", which I'm not counting) is an
> article about proffr's "x needs killing" comments.  The article doesn't
> abuse the term "digital cash", though it does abuse the term 
> "listserv".
> The term doesn't appear in print often enough to matter, IMO.


Way too many fools on Cypherpunks these last several  months. Maybe 
it's time to kill it.

--Tim May

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