A 'Funky A.T.M.' Lets You Pay for Purchases Made Online

Tim May timcmay at got.net
Thu Jul 24 18:48:00 PDT 2003

On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 03:17 PM, Sampo Syreeni wrote:

> On 2003-07-24, Tim May uttered:
>> HOWEVER, our interest is in the untraceable/anonymous.
> Duh!

You were gibbering about how "digicash" includes PayPal, ATMs, Visa, 
and other forms of transfers which are only "digital" in that computers 
are used.

You need to think carefully about what blinding is all about. Calling 
Visa and PayPal "digicash" shows fundamental ignorance.

Nitwit. But very typical of the "new generation of rilly, rilly dumb 

--Tim May

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