Accuris launches "Tap In A Box"

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Accuris - Product News Item

Accuris launches "Tap In A Box" 

Accuris has recently launched "Tap in A Box" as a low-cost method to enable smaller ISPs to comply with their country's Lawful Interception requirements. 

Key Product Elements 
7 Management System 

7 Interception Capability 

7 Hardware Components 

7 System Installation 
   7 Delivery and on-site system test included 
   7 All relevant cables, connectors supplied 

7 Technical Support 
   7 Warranty 
   7 Help desk 
   7 Call logging & problem management 
   7 Lines of support 
   7 Response times 
   7 Notifications 

7 Optional Extras 
   7 Increased network capacity upgrade 
   7 Additional Tap Points 
   7 Upgrade to Enterprise solution 
   7 Professional Services 
   7 Additional support cover 
   7 Training 

Management System 
This system provides secure access to warrant/interception management features as well as control of interception point configuration. 

Interception Capability 
The basic number of tap points is 2 single Fast Ethernet points.  The traffic interception types consist of TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3 and Radius.  Additional services will be catered for in maintenance releases, as required by legislation. 


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