Dna samples of world leaders

Sunder sunder at sunder.net
Wed Jul 23 09:42:35 PDT 2003

Bah! Saddam has become the new Eric Goldstien since Osama Bin Ladin is
quieter.  Perhaps the CIA's voice lab is better at cloning his
voice?  hence the poor quality audio tapes? 

I wonder how hard it is to capture a person's phoenems and feed it to
a good quality speech synth?  I wonder if recording it on a cheap tape
with a microphone will remove all traces of it being fake.  The hard part
will of course be getting the inflections right.

Perhaps if you tie a speech recognition system with a speech synth, the
recognition system might be able to detect inflection, tone, and rate, and
provide hints to the synth?  Wouldn't even have to work in real time.

Hey, if they were willing to push Hans Blix around until he called the
bastards and reported all the pressure to "find something" and offed David
Kelley, why not something like a Saddam Vactor? 

I'm sure they could even sprinkle the old DNA samples around some shack in
the woods of Iran or Saudi Arabia or something, along with some uranium or
anthrax samples and aluminu cylinders, as proof that they were harboring
him as a prelude to another invasion.  Why the fuck not?  50 states isn't
enough, and North America's getting too crowded, let's take over the
entire Middle East...

After that, let's take over France too and make them say "EMAIL" and eat
only McDonalds' cheeseburgers and drink only Budwiser.  But that can wait
until after we mine all of Liberia's diamonds... hey we can't afford
another war just yet, need to make money first...

The sky's the limit, just vote for Bush again, and after him Condoleeza
Rice can be our first female president with Ashcroft as VP.  We can be
very politically correct that way.

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On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Tim May wrote:

> Hair samples, dandruff, etc. A bunch of reports over the past several 
> months that the houses and villas of Hussein and his family had been 
> gone over carefully for traces of hair, old shaving razors, skin 
> particles, etc.
> Even if doctors and such have not been bribed or coerced into providing 
> blood samples, lots of ways to track DNA. All a matter of economics, as 
> usual.
> --Tim May

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