Remember 9/11

netkita at netkita at
Wed Jul 23 08:53:34 PDT 2003

This I feel is very unfair. While I do think that the Fbi and Secret Service could be closed and 
their tasks combined and given over to the NSA ,Marines and other law enforcement 
agencies, I think that overall the agencies did the best they could. It is hard to break cells. If 
you remember historically that the Weathermen aka the Weather underground succeeded 
because of their overwhelming similarities. therefore they bonded. They were of diverse 
religions BUT .. they were all of the same socio economic background,educated same 
politics,same age. It is very hard to infiltrate cells if not impossible. Cells consist of only 5 or 
less people and do not know the activities of others.Therefore if the other cells do not know 
the activities of others , then how can a law enforcement agency.

23 Jul 2003 at 10:44, Freematt357 at wrote:

> Remember 9/11 was a failure of our alphabet agencies for adequately protecting us, and naturally in response we've run to protection to 
> another new alphabet agency, how sad.

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