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Harry Bartholomew bart0 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 09:15:02 PDT 2003

My SS# begins 078-
Issued in NY in the 50's

Harry  Bartholomew

7/21/2003 12:25:35 AM, Bill Stewart <bill.stewart at pobox.com> wrote:

>At 03:01 AM 07/21/2003 +0000, Justin wrote:
>>J.A. Terranson (2003-07-20 21:07Z) wrote:
>> > So I have seen two separate businesses today who are just shooting 
>> themselves
>> > in the head over the acquisition of data in the face of obvious refusal.
>>I'm surprised they didn't ask for your SSN ... as an index for the database...
>>I've adopted a SSN I use for idiots like that.  I don't know whether
>>it's assigned, but it's in the valid range.  Isn't that just terrible.
>Please don't do that.  You might pick a number belonging to some poor 
>working guy
>and mess up his credit or yours.
>I read on the net that Richard Nixon's SSN is 567-68-0515,
>and then there's that usual 078-thing from fake SSN cards in wallets.

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