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Sun Jul 20 16:50:04 PDT 2003

>(* the official deficit, not counting the total lack of reserves/money 
>for Socialist Insecurity, bond indebtedness, pension guarantees, loan 
>guarantees, and other unfunded liabilities; some estimates place the 
>real deficit at about $30 trillion, i.e., $30 thousand billion. With 
>about 100 million taxpayers in the U.S., each owes $300,000. Needless 
>to say, this owed amount, on average, is substantially more than their 
>complete assets, on average. Even with the "official" indebtedness, the 
>amount owed (if one accepts a national debt as a personal indebtedness) 
>is upwards of $60,000. I use the larger amount because the U.S. 
>government actually _has_ incurred that debt, officially reported or 

This is slightly off the topic ...

Some calculations done before by people who understand money flows (and
are not at the same time priests of the Official Economy) show similar

To me, this is a plausible explanation for the current domestic support
of the US government. A majority of population (75% ? 90% ?) actually
lives on ability of the US government to incur this debt and, having
sufficient military power, not have to pay it back. The collusion with
the government is much deeper than simple power of propaganda.

Those who actually earn their standard of living (ie. their business is
not contigent, directly or indirectly, upon US military supremacy) are
the minority. This is the most fundamental transformation of the US
society - massive recruitment by the government.

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